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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Five Must have Apps For Your New Smartphone

1.Nova Launcher:

               Nova launcher is one of the best launchers available in Google play store. The highly customizable, performance driven, launcher for your newly bought mobile is Nova Launcher. It comes with material design which is the main feature of Android lollipop 5.0, customizable icons and sizes.

Nova launcher comes with the following customization's;

1.Desktop customization: Allows user to customize the desktop screen with Nova animations.

2.App & widget drawers: Allows user to customize the Apps views in menu and widget customization!

3.Dock: Allows user to customize the home screen dock settings.

4.Look & Feel: This customization feature will let you select themes, animations, screen orientations and more.

5.Folders: This is a special customization's which comes with the nova launcher, allows user to style the folder view on home screen

6.Gestures & Inputs: Gestures make smartphone usage very simple, Nova Launcher allows user with gesture inputs on home screen

7.Unread Counts: This feature access all apps unread message count and display on top of that application 

8.Back & Restore: One can easily backup and restore their NOVA settings

Price : Well, it is available on playstore in paid and free versions

Prime Version : 310 Rs


            SuperBeam is the easiest way to transfer large files between devices using wifi direct technology! SuperBeam devices can be paired using QR-code and Manual Sharing Key. It is having the ability to transfer files to the device which doesn't installed SuperBeam init, its a great advantage of SuperBeam! 

      SuperBeam comes with the following features:

1.Three themes are available with the SuperBeam, light, dark and AMOLED.

2.Modern Material Design

3.Ability to share single or multiple files at once

4.Keep history of all the previous transfer Operations 

5.Ultra fast speed transfer of files between devices, even more speedy than ShareIt transfer rate!

Versions: Free and ProUnlocker

ProUnlocker Version :94.34 Rs


       Ever felt, my phone's battery and performance are degrading after installing so many apps. With Greenify, you can stop that degradation of battery and performance lags very easily by simply adding the unwanted background running apps to Hibernate list! After hibernating all the battery draining apps using greenify hibernation functionality, you can now feel smooth and no performance lags as it did at the first day you had it.
      Even though it can hibernate the non-rooted phones, its complete functionality will be seen with the rooted mobile! where so many experimental features are available! Automatic hibernation is also available for non-rooted mobiles, but that can only be function able when the user uses swipe lock for security! Where as rooted mobiles can be auto-hibernated  using any security lock either swipe, pattern, pin and gesture.

    Current Version: 2.6.2

    Versions: Free and Donation Package
     Donation Package: 50 Rs


      Name says it all, its a BatteryDefender, with which we can extend our smartphone battery life and ability to stop the draining apps running in background! JuceDefender's 5 Different modes enable user to extend smartphone battery life and improve performance. 

     Juice Defender Battery Modes:

        1.Balanced: This will offer a very noticeable improvement in battery life with little impact as possible on the normal operation of your phone

       2.Aggressive: This mode will ensure that your dying battery will last as much as possible, it will normally work like slightly more battery saving version of balanced mode.

      3.Extreme: This mode will completely disable connectivity by default, saving a lot of battery juice; you can quickly enable the connectivity whenever you need.

     4.Customize: This mode allows more additional features to save the battery life which are not included in the remaining above modes*.

    5.Advacned: This mode allows users to customize the JuiceDefender's features to the user specific functionalities

Versions: Free and Ultimate

Ultimate version: 299 Rs

5. VoiceNotify:

           VoiceNotify announces the status bar notifications using Text-to-speech engine also known as TTS, so that one don't have to look at the notifications about what it says!

           VoiceNotify is a standard application in any android platform(requires 1.6 and up), which announces the notifications by administrative functionalities. Users can download additional voices from the android voice and input package which includes male and female voices to read out the notifications.
          It allows users to filter the apps, for which apps it should announce the status bar notifications and for which apps it should not announce, keeping in the view of privacy this functionality can be used great while filtering unwanted apps from the voicenotify announce list!

Versions: Free 



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