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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Our Top 5 best pick Android Games of the Month.

1.Marvel Contest Of Champions:

             If you are searching for high end fighting game and high graphics, but low at memory size for installation, then your search stops here! Marvel Contest Of Champions, comes with high end graphic support for awesome user experience with memory little over 400MB is of the best games and top rated game available online for free!
           The greatest battles in marvel history like, Iron man vs captain america, hulk vs wolverine like experience are in your hands if you install this game on your android smart phone.


Android: 4 and up

2.Crazy Taxi:

         Lover of racing, but want to have some cool game to play with, then this game would fulfill your love at racing!

       Race through the cities in your car to deliver the passengers on time, the crazier you drive on the roads, higher the rewards from the passengers

Versions: Free, Paid.

Android: 4 and up.


       Love solving puzzle games, then you better check out Lyne puzzle game, the one of the most addictive puzzle games on Google PlayStore. 

     Main Features of Lyne;

1. Hundreds of pre-build puzzles 

2. Unlock-able colored palettes

3.Soothing Dynamic Audio

4. Slick, intuitive interface.

Version: Paid

Android: 2.3 and Up

4.Trivia Crack:

        Trivia Crack is a game of strategy, smash hit game that pits friend against friend at several different categories.

       Gamer earns coins to get special advantages in up coming levels like power ups and extra spins.
       Trivia Crack features there users these highlights;

1.Ability to share after completing each successful trivia.

2.Challenge your friends with your achievements.

3.Suggest, rate and translate questions.

4.Chat live with friends and opponents. 

Version: Free, paid

Paid(crack): 191.77 Rs


       Ever played Dots? if yes, then you got an updated new look and design rivalry of it to play i.e., TwoDots.

      Dots and TwoDots strategy is same like connecting two dots, connecting four dots to make a square in an order to remove them from the game play and for move on to the further gaming.

    TwoDots main Highlights are ;

1.New and updated levels.

2. Updated interface with new flat table look.

3.Connect one dot to another, create anchors, make like, create bombs and much more.

4.Relaxing Music and fun sound FX

Versions: Free

Android: 4.0 and Up



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