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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Top 3 Android web Browsers


        Chrome, very popular for its password saving mechanism and synchronization where ones users enters and saves his/her password on their devices logged in with their google accounts can have the ability to not to enter the password again. Thanks to google chrome auto-filling mechanism.

       Even though chrome is very fast at browsing the WWW on any android device, there is saying that chrome sucks devices ram than any other browser on the internet! well, actually its true because of its clubbed functionalities in a single browser application!

     Few of the Chrome Main Features are;

        1.Sync Across Devices: This sync feature enable users seamlessly access and open tabs and bookmarks synced in their google account.

        2.Save Data: This special feature from chrome saves almost 50% of mobile data from consuming!

       3.Voice Search: This feature allows users to search using voice recognition's! 

      4.Google Translate: Enabling the users to translate other language sites into user specified.

      5. Intuitive Gestures: This features enables the user to open as many tabs as user want and allowing the users to quick flip through them by swiping them side to side on toolbar

      6.Incognito: Don't want to save history of your web search, go for chrome incognito mode. It won't store any history when user is on incognito mode!

Versions: Free

2.UC Browser:  

      Known for its compact User experience and smooth version of browsing while browsing the internet, UC browser is most famous next to Google chrome! It takes very less amount of mobile data and show up the content user requested on the screen.

     This browser uses high end compression technology rendered by server for faster information access by the user. Unlike opera and dolphin browsers, UC Browser allows users to download multiple data at a time in background!

    Some of the Main Features it supports;

      1. Smart Downloading: Users can download multiple data at a time

      2. Incognito Window: Private browsing.
      3.Night Mode: Protects the users eyes while browsing internet at night times.

      4.Custom Themes: Themes can be downloaded from UC browser official website.

Versions: Free


      And last but not the least in this category is Firefox, owned by Mozilla, a non-profit organisation aimed to build a web browser that is so smooth and can be able to load pages at no time after receiving the request from the user.
     Firefox is originally very popular with its addons and extensions which ads some more functionalities to the browser. The most popular addon on firefox is AdBlock Plus which is developed to block the ads on the webpages.

Some of the most Main Features of Firefox;

    1. Customizable Home panels: Allowing to users to manipulate the home screen of the start page with whatever home panel they want!

    2.Addons: Increase the functionality of firefox by adding addons to your firefox

    3.HTML5: Supports the latest HTML version i.e., 5.

    4.Security: Keeps your browsing data safe and secure.

    5. Custom Themes: Users can either go to url OR can search manually in addons.

Versions: Free



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