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Friday, June 19, 2015

Top Online Storage Apps for work

1.Google Drive:

         One of the Google owned product is Google Drive, well known for providing free online storage for user’s files and other data. Organizing your content online would become pretty much easy with Google Drive. Organize your data on Google drive for free and have your files and data with in reach within your phone, tablet etc up to 15 gigs of free space!

Features of Google Drive;

1. View documents, PDF's, photos, videos and more 

2. Search for files by name and organize accordingly

3. Enabling view of files offline

4. Quick access to the recent activity with recent activity toggle

5. Easily share files and folders with others.

Versions: Free

2.One Drive:

              Want to sync all your on phone office files or other documents to cloud storage? Then you probably need to install One Drive on your smartphone. One drive from Microsoft gives 5 Gigs of online storage for its users to save their personal or business files or data with out any expire date on that free storage! One drive is the renamed product of Sky Drive, Microsoft wanted to give its users the ability to store any type of data on their cloud platform so it is named One Drive where user can upload and access all types of files at one place!

Features of One Drive;

1. Move, delete, renames folders

2. Quickly get to the recently access items

3. Ability to open One Drive files from other apps like Office Apps.

4. Share your files and much more!

Version: Free

3. Drop Box:

         Drop Box owned by Drop Box,inc. It is one of the most popular online storage provider giving 2 gigs of free memory to their signed up users. Drop Box user can increase their drop box storage capacity by referring and inviting their friends and family members to use drop box!

      Users can also increase storage capacity of drop box by purchasing Drop Box pro with 9$ per month or 99 $ a year to Drop box.

Drop Box Features;

1. Any file you save to drop box will automatically save to all other computers connected with drop box account!

2. Share photos with family and friends.

3. Ability to save email attachments directly to drop box.

4. Editing documents on the go would become very simple.

Versions: Free

4. Amazon Cloud Drive:

          Amazon announced Amazon Cloud Drive application in Google play store on 2015 June 18 for their users to store images and others data on their Cloud platform. Very new, yet with very clever innovative new features are packed in with the new Amazon Cloud Drive like Free mobile apps and secure data access from any computer.

Features of One Drive;

1. View all files and folders 

2. Preview documents, spreadsheets, presentations and photos

3. Play videos and music stored in the cloud drive 

4. Share your files and others apps stored on the drive with your friends and family

Versions: Free

5.Verizon Cloud:

           Searching for an alternative cloud storage drive rather than mostly used storage like Google, drop box etc., for your photos, video, documents and other file types then your search would stop here! Verizon Cloud is an alternative approach to the mostly used Cloud storage drives because of its back up assistant with 5 gigs of free space.

Some of the Verizon Cloud drive features are;

1. Back up your content, photos, videos, documents and more securely

2. Transfer your old content to your new device very easily

3. Sync all your 90 days text messages on the first sync 

4. Using native apps, one can share their media content with others

Versions: Free



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