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Friday, July 10, 2015

Adobe Flash player Vulnerability.

Hacking group which supplies spy tools to spy agencies around the world, was recently hacked and found that documents created by the hackers reveled vulnerabilities to various software's,  According to the report.

The famous name from that software's list was, Adobe flash player! with this vulnerability, hackers can hack into the users systems across Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

At first this was spotted by Trend Micro researchers about the vulnerability that can allow hackers to hack into any system that is using adobe flash player.

Hackers spotted the vulnerability and created a document on how to exploit  the hole and writing to memory

Its better to be on the safe side by either disabling the adobe from the system or reinstall the new version after patching the vulnerability

Adobe is trying to fix the vulnerability with a patch update, and this update is going to be released soon 



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