How to add CloudFlare Nameservers to SourceMasters

Monday, August 03, 2015

How to add CloudFlare Nameservers to

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Hello, Everyone!

Today we are going to show you how to add CloudFlare nameservers to


1. Domain at

2.Cloudflare account

Ok, let's start!

1. First of all go to and get the name servers from

1.1. In our video section, we provided how to get the name servers from CloudFlare, watch it before you proceed further.

2. Login to both and with your respective account id's and passwords.

3.In,, copy the name servers first then follow steps

4. go to my account in

5. click on manage DNS for name servers under SETTINGS section

7. click on "manage"  for name servers

8.Select custom

9.Click on add custom name servers

10.There, add both the CloudFlare's name servers in's custom nameservers

11.Click on OK to confirm your edits and click on save if prompted

12. now check your CloudFlare's account and click on recheck for nameservers

13. Then CloudFlare would identify your nameservers at and enables connection to your domain with CloudFlare server

13.1. Identification of your domain nameservers would sometimes take time, so wait for a while and check back later

14.Cloudflare would boost your site speed load and removes main server load by caching the requesting pages by the users



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