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Friday, August 07, 2015

Unlock the hidden game in chrome browser in windows operating system

Start menu
Windows 10
Hello, Everyone!

Today we are going to show you how to unlock the hidden game in chrome browser!


1. Chrome browser

2.No active internet connection

ok, let's start.

1. First of all disable your internet connection by following steps

1.1. Open start menu by pressing windows key on keyboard

1.2. Now, type in like this "Network and sharing center"  

1.3.click on "Network and sharing center" 

1.4.From left pane, you would see adapter settings option, select it

1.5. In Network connections windows, right click on "Ethernet" and click on "Disable".

2. Open windows start menu for chrome browser

3.Type in like this "chrome" in start menu

image Credit: sourcemasters.co.in
 4. you would see some results, from those results right click on chrome and click on "run as administrator" and press yes if system prompts

5.In chrome browser window, press "F6" on keyboard for highlighting the search bar

6.Now, search any site, for example "www.sourcemasters.co.in"


7.Then you would see a warning message stating "Unable to connect to the internet" and a dinosaur symbol

Error Page
Error Page

8. Now click on "spacebar" on keyboard  then you would  see that dinosaur running forward

Game start!

Note: Use same spacebar for avoiding the obstacles that coming on the dinosaur's way.



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