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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Complete List of Top Startup Companies present in Bangalore Part-4

Complete List of Top Startup Companies present in Bangalore Part-4:

901. iBetter Technologies

902. Wordplay Content


904. Analyttica Datalab Inc.

905. SchoolCity Learning India Pvt Ltd

906. Tecnics

907. Invensis

908. Nxtlogic Software Solutions

909. ADISYS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

910. Blewsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
#NOTE:- Go to the link, Scroll down and fill the right side form.

911. Kavin Corporation

912. Rossitek Mobile Apps Development

913. Topsys Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

914. Infoblox

915. Cognitree

916. Bidgely

917. Moonfrog Labs

918. NetraDyne

919. OptumSoft

920. Couchbase

921. AbeRuk

922. Nispaara Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

923. Schaumz Pvt Ltd

924. Acme Experience Marketing Pvt Ltd

925. Addpro Network Pvt. Ltd.

926. Fuel Media Solutions Pvt Ltd

927. Woozoe

928. Advanz Knowledge Systems Pvt Ltd

929. Sonarisa

930. Intecons Software Lab
#NOTE:- Go to the link, scroll down and fill the form.

931. Metagan Technologies

932. EdgeVerve
#NOTE:- Go to the link, Scroll down, Click on Post a Resume, then click on "Click here to create a login."

933. Quizizz Inc

934. Varenya Softech India Private Limited
#NOTE:- Go to the link, fill the right side form.

935. dQuotient


937. TreisTek Technologies LLP.

938. Ramose Infra Private Limited

939. Zafin

940. Arminus

941. Wafer Space

942. Musikaar

943. Greytip Software Pvt. Ltd.

944. Tyfone

945. Datalicious

946. Prakat Solutions Inc

947. Test and Verification Solutions(ECE)

948. Pluribus Networks

949. en world group

950. Orgspire Inc
#NOTE:- Go to the link, scroll down, fill the form.

951. ALTEN Calsoft Labs

952. Anya IT Systems


954. Zframez Technologies Pvt .Ltd

955. Estuate Software Pvt. Ltd.

956. Sling Media Pvt. Ltd.

957. Opteamix India Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

958. Chipmonk Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

959. Namaste Credit

960. Spearhead Services Pvt. Ltd.

961. Camson Bio Technologies Limited

962. Exdion Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

963. AFour Technologies
#NOTE:- While sending Please mention: Expected Role, Areas of Interest, Years of Experience.

964. Criterion Networks

965. SolutionKraft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

966. AgilizTech Software Services Private Limited

967. Avi Networks

968. QISON Software Pvt Ltd

969. Diginoc

970. E2open

971. Tarams Software

972. Quotient Technology Inc.

973. Jifflenow

974. Glassbeam

975. TechMinfy

976. SecPod Technologies

977. Consulace Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

978. Tektronix
#NOTE:- Go to the link, click on NEW USER.

979. Clematis Technology Solutions India Pvt Ltd
#NOTE:- Go to the link, No need to read and description, direcly click on Apply and fill the form.

980. Coho Data


982. Totient Business Solutions


984. InSolare Energy Pvt. Ltd.(Mechanical / Civil)

985. L Brands

986. Binary Spectrum

987. SkillSign Assessment Solutions

988. Carzonrent India Pvt. Ltd

989. CueFin Solutions

990. Federal-Mogul

991. MEC Concepts India Pvt Ltd

992. Samvith InfoCom Pvt Limited

993. Quinnox

994. UnitForce Technologies Consulting Pvt Ltd

995. Saba Software

996. Formac Corp.

997. Marvy Logic

998. Vega Intellisoft Pvt Ltd

999. Sooktha Consulting Pvt Ltd

1000. Marvy logic

1001. Simran Group(Mechanical)

1002. Indix

1003. Unity Services

1004. SAI Projects and Systems Pvt Ltd(Mechanical)

1005. BVR People Consulting(Mechanical)

1006. The Miller Group(Mechanical)

1007. ABB(Mechanical)

1008. Sunanda Speciality Coatings Pvt. Ltd.(Civil)

#NOTE:- Go to the link, scroll down and fill the form.

1010. Atul Ltd(Civil)

1011. SigTuple

1012. Germane Analytics Pvt Ltd

1013. ICS Technology Services Pvt. Ltd.

#NOTE:- Go the link, scroll down and fill the form.

1015. Happiest Minds Technologies
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1016. Richcore Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd.

1017. NationWide Primary Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd.

1018. Biocon

1019. Amelio Child Care Pvt. Ltd.

1020. Cosmic Strands

1021. Precision Infomatic (M) Private limited(NETWORKING)
#NOTE:- Go to the link, Click on CREATE ACCOUNT and fill the form.

1022. AsterMinds Enterprise Solutions Pvt Ltd

1023. engageiT(NETWORKING)

1024. Progressive Infovision Private Limited(NETWORKING)

1025. Epsilon
#NOTE:- Go to the link, Click on New User.

1026. Colt Technology Services

1027. Intuitive Technology Partners(NETWORKING)

1028. VAPS Technosoft Pvt. Ltd. /

1029. ValeurHR

1030. GainSpan
#NOTE:- Go to the link, Scroll down, Click on General Application Form.

1031. RBSA Advisors(Finance)

1032. Quintiles
#NOTE:- Go to the link, Click on New User.

1033. Momentive
#NOTE:- Go to the link, Click on Create a New Account in the right side.

1034. Brickwork Ratings

1035. Atkins(Civil)
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1036. Sobha Ltd.(Civil)

1037. KMV Group(Civil)

1038. Nauvata Engineering Pvt.Ltd(Civil)

1039. Arvind Limited(Civil)
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1040. Puravankara Projects Limited(Civil)
1041. Hisolve

1042. Intersoftkk ( India ) Pvt. Ltd.

1043. mroads

1044. Nagaraj Technologies

1045. Retail Sols Inc

1046. Doyensys Inc(ORACLE DBA)

1047. OLR
#NOTE:- Go to the link, Scroll down, See this "Don't see the job you are looking for? You can submit a resume for future consideration by clicking here." and click on that.

1048. RSAB IT India Pvt. Ltd.

1049. VALFORMA Technology Services

1050. Janya IT Technologies Pvt Ltd
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1052. Softwits

1053. Punj lloyd

1054. Sebiz

1055. Zeta

1056. AMW

1057. OnMobile Global Limited

1059. Tenet Advertising and Internal Communication(MBA)

1060. Gramener

1061. CronJ IT Technologies Private Limited

1062. OpenLink Financial

1063. JCPenney
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1064. Brigosha Technologies Pvt. Ltd

1065. Elscint Automation(Mechanical)

1066. Sprinklr

1067. Appen

1068. Apigee
#NOTE:- Go to the link, See below the Open Positions It will be written "If you don’t see a position that interests you, click here", Click there, scroll down and fill the form.

1069. Act-On Software

1070. Wind River

1071. Wibmo

1072. C.C.E. Software Private Limited

1073. Intertec Software Private Limited

1074. Corpus

1075. Sheorey Digital Systems Pvt. Ltd

1076. Nexus

1077. Krescive

1078. TiVo



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