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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Walk-in for software Engineer in Innoeye Technologies

Interview  Process for Innoeye  Technologies

Date Of Drive : 20th June 2017
Drive Location : Pune
Position : Software engineer

#Round 1  - Online Objective & Programming Test
The candidates screened from above filter need to undergo an online test. The online test duration is 160 minutes (2 hours 40 minutes) and composed of 2 rounds as indicated below
Objective Questions

Fundamentals        : Aptitude

Java                : Core Java and OOPS

Fundamentals        : Operation System, Networks, Data Structures, Databases

Interactive Test ( SQL and Java)

Here candidates will need to:

Write Java programs
Write SQL queries and design simple database models
Within 30 minutes of completing the 1st round, the results will be declared. For the shortlisted candidates, resumes need to be immediately submitted along with their availability for next test (after break of 30 minutes or so)

#Round 2  - Online Subjective Video test – Duration 10 questions with 15 minutes each
Those who successfully pass first round, are eligible for second round. It would be a subjective round, the questions in this test would be based on Computer science fundamentals, Java programming, networking, operating system and OOPS concepts etc. Here the candidate has to record their answers through VIDEO/SPEAKAR.
The interview will focus on following areas
i. Computer science fundamentals
ii. Java programming
iii. College projects (major & minor)
Offer & Joining formalities

Those who are selected through interview process are offered position @ InnoEye technology.

i. Title: Software engineer
The offer letter is handed out immediately after the interview. The candidates are expected to read them thoroughly and then only indicate their acceptance.
Once candidate accept the offer letter, the joining formalities are accomplished, whereby they are required to provide their details.



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