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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Snapwiz Interview Paper Pattern and review by selected guy 2017

Snapwiz Interview Paper Pattern:

The first round was an online assessment on "". link of which was shared by someone earlier in this group.
Problems: a person is standing at his home and he has to go to two shops s1 and s2, distance from home to s1, home to s2 and s1 to s2 is given. find out the minimum distance that person has to travel to get items from both shops and return home.

The second round was an on-paper exam where I wrote the program of anagram and arithmetic progression which was shared earlier on this site by someone(thanks embedded).

Round 3:
The third round was face to face technical. I was nervous as I was sure that I will not be hired. Negative things were clouding my mind and I wasn't even able to answer any question correctly, still, I don't know why but he gave me a chance.

1. find all a,b,c,d<1000 where a^3+b^3=c^3+d^3
2. sort array[2,5,98,67,45,86,32] to [2,32,86,98,5,45,67] even sorted first odd afterwards
3. You have array [3,5,11,43,32] shift it 2 times you get [11,43,32,3,5] now shift it n(eg:16754) times
4. sorting's comparison method

The fourth round was with Another higher Official.

1.tell me more about your project. explain it

2. write a MySQL query-subqueries intermediate level

3. display whether [3,8,4,9,44,12] contains sum of subsequent elements equal to 13 in at least one condition or not
*in above question 4+9 is 13; if sum would have given 21 then 8+4+9 is their so display true
*you can only use single loop

4. find the count of the search string in a given string 

eg: dogertdogdorget contains dog two times only
I wasn't able to answer MySQL query and single loop as I was not thinking straight and was stressed. He asked me to prepare javascript for next round from w3schools as the post was of javascript and MongoDB.
he gave me 3 days to prepare. I prepared well.

I gave javascript round 3 days later. it was really basic. 

I got 9 out of 10. He said that I was through and he will let me know by mail. 

I thought he was saying that you can leave for the day, but HR's reply came and she asked me to come for next round.

ROUND 6: I gave the final face to face interview to one of the company officials and he asked me about myself.

1. how to create a singleton class

2. when class loads?

3.Create a method that can shift an array element. 

eg:[2,4,6,7,8] to [4,6,7,2,8] //array[0] to array[3]
[3,4,5,6,7] to [3,5,4,6,7] //shift arr[2] to arr[1]

The interviewer asked me to wait for few minutes.

After a few minutes later one of the company officials came and offered me this job.

I joined the company as of January.


  • People are really nice here. 
  • Nice environment. 
  • Open office culture. Free lunch. 
  • Good colleagues.
  • And No Sir policy.



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