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About Us

Hello, everyone!

SourceMasters dedicated to providing info related to Technology and latest job offers for this generation!

We, SourceMasters with the names Samara, Vinod, and Rohith Call ourselves as Team SVR!

We started our journey with our site on 17 July 2015, and we are very excited about our site and the name it's going to get.

At first, we thought it would be very cool to write posts on Tech stuff like Android, Apple, Microsoft Windows, etc., but all of sudden we had a thought of providing job offers to the Jobseekers and then we started implementing it as soon as we realize the importance of providing Job news to the Jobseekers.

We all know how hard it is to get a right job at a good place. Therefore, we committed with a goal of providing all the Sources they need to get their dream job.
We are the team of three people :)

About the Author Samara, The guy from MCA.
This guy, Samara with MCA background is an all in one! What not he handles, he handles everything that is appearing on our site from Maintenance, coding to content writing!

About the Author Vinod, The guy from M.Tech.
This guy, Vinod with M.Tech background handles all the content that you read on our site. He Typically handles two major sections that are essential to our site growth, i.e., content writing and videos creation on latest Techs.

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